The Science Place

The interactive, purpose-driven design of The Science Place immerses students, staff and visitors in a world of scientific discovery and innovation.

The building is the instantly recognisable home of science’ on the Townsville campus of James Cook University in tropical northern Australia.

It’s been designed to transform scientific research, undergraduate education and postgraduate training at JCU. The new building links current and future scientists – previously dispersed around the grounds in inefficient facilities – in one concentrated, central hub that’s bursting with activity and primed for growth. Students can vary their learning by studying in informal learning spaces, outdoor areas and adjustable super labs’.

The Science Place has been tailored for the tropics, with a lattice screen and deep overhanging roof shading the north façade. A two-storey aquarium stocked with tropical fish from the Great Barrier Reef is an eye-catching living lab’.

By bringing together chemistry, bio-chemistry and biology research cohorts for the first time, The Science Place can fuel more ground-breaking, multi-disciplinary scientific research and learning.


James Cook University


Townsville, Australia







Design team

Mark Craig, Mark Roehrs, Lucy O'Driscoll, Peter Hastings, Troy King , Jane Foster , Nguyen Luu, Adam Hetherington


Andrew Rankin

96% recovered and 96% recycled previous building materials – a new record for a large development in Townsville
150 seat super-labs, one for chemistry and another for biology
1st LEED Gold rated educational building in Australia

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